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Bodypower Expo 2013

What an epic weekend! Bodypower Expo 2013 was crazy! With so many fitness personalities and athletes it was an event not be missed. Fans were flowing in the thousands as the weekend saw close to 30,000 people over the course of the three days. If you were at Bodypower over the weekend then I am sure you were inspired to take your fitness to the next level!

Top left: Steve Cook, Ben Noy, Jamie Alderton, Shaun Stafford, Jim Stoppani, Richard Gozdecki

Top left: Steve Cook, Ben Noy, Jamie Alderton, Shaun Stafford, Jim Stoppani, Richard Gozdecki

I was fortunate enough to catch up and get a picture with many of the fitness personalities who are taking the industry by storm. I struck a typical ‘Bodypower pose’ with fellow gnc.co.uk guest bloggers (showing a bit of bicep). Having spoken to all of them through emails and social networking websites it was nice to meet them face-to-face and hear the passion they have for improving the industry.

Top left: Chris Lovado, Jeff Seid, Kirk Miller, Emma Storey-Gordon, Claire Harper, Charlene Hart

Top left: Chris Lovado, Jeff Seid, Kirk Miller, Emma Storey-Gordon, Claire Harper, Charlene Hart

In addition to all of the athletes representing their brands, Bodypower Expo also played host to an array of lectures and talks by experts in the industry who shared their experiences and knowledge with the general public. ‘The Academy’ had talks and Q&A’s with industry experts such as Phil Learney, Dr Jim Stoppani, Alex Ferentinos, Rehan Jalali and many more. VIP members were also given the privilege to access the Super Gym and watch world-class bodybuilders, leading international trainers and high level athletes demonstrating how they workout.

There were many competitions over the weekend including the USN Classic, POTW (Physique of the week) and Fit Factor which saw members of the general public bring their best shape to compete for a top placing and great prizes. There was so much going on at Bodypower this year that you really had to attend all three days to experience the full effect.

I’ve attended the expo for the past 3 years and my favorite part of the Bodypower is meeting people and seeing how the industry is evolving and expanding. There are more people alike than we realise and it’s great for everyone to come together for a few days and share their experiences and inspire others to achieve their goals too.

Top left: Dr Zak, Ryan Terry, hot ladies, Ulisses Jr, Zoe Smith, my BP team

Top left: Dr Zak, Ryan Terry, hot ladies, Ulisses Jr, Zoe Smith, my BP team

Unfortunately gnc.co.uk were not exhibiting this year however, I did make myself present and interact with as many people as possible. We are in a time of growth and some really exciting things are happening which I cannot share just yet but watch this space… You can guarantee we will be there making a presence at Bodypower Expo 2014!

See you next year!

Website: www.leeconstantinou.com

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Becoming a Powerlifter

Once again, introducing 2x World Natural Bodybuilding champion & USN Ambassador, Richard Gozdecki. From one sport to the next, he really is an all-round athlete who demonstrates sheer determination to succeed in whatever he sets his mind on. He has dominated natural bodybuilding and made his mark, Becoming a 2x World Natural Bodybuilding Champion! Richard now looks into politics to become the next Prime minister…. I joke. Lol, he has set his mind on the world of Powerlifting. Read on to find out his story 2 weeks before his first ever Powerlifting meet.

Guest Writer – Richard Gozdecki

rich d lift prep

Following my defence of the WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) World Heavyweight title in 2012, I had a chance to relax and reflect on a massive 5 years as a Natural Bodybuilder. There was a part of me which wanted to go back for a third time and try to defend once more. The rest of me was hungry for a new challenge, a new goal, and something to get my teeth into.

After much deliberation I decided that I was going to give Powerlifting a shot. To keep things in perspective and give myself a goal or at least a starting point I had a look at the BDFPA (British Drug Free Powerlifting Association) calendar to choose a competition date.  I have given myself an 8 week training programme to follow, in the lead up to the event. The 3 lifts I will have to perform will be Squat, Bench-press and Deadlift. Week one was a bit of a shock. I am renowned for my high tempo, high volume, and moderate weight training style. Form and technique are a key part of bodybuilding, but in a completely different way to powerlifting.

In week one I tested myself to see if I was actually capable of performing the correct lifts with good enough form to be counted in a competition. I started light and worked my way up the weights, stopping far short of what I thought could have lifted. It’s fair to say I was starting from scratch. Over the last 6 weeks I have gone back to basics. I have reduced my training days from 6 to 4 to increase rest time.

Even though I still spend around 90 minutes in the gym  per session, I perform less than half the sets than I used to and spend most of my time resting between sets.  At first this was very foreign to me. I’m used to banging from set to set with no rest and working up quite a sweat. When I tried this in week 2 and 3 with heavy weights, I was not recovering enough to maintain heavy weights. I soon found that increased rest time can dramatically increase the poundage which I could lift in the gym. Most sessions I have been working around the 3 to 5 rep range, with some 8 rep work thrown in when I feel it’s necessary.

Powerlifting Training Split

Monday:    Bench-press and Calves

Tuesday:   off

Wednesday: Squats, Hamstrings and Grip Strength

Thursday: Shoulders and Triceps

Friday:      off

Saturday: Deadlift and Calves

Sunday:    off

Richard G dliftEverything seems to be moving in the right direction, although usually when 2 lifts are going well, one lift is suffering or static. I am starting to enjoy this way of training now, but I think that is due to me seeing a continuous improvement week on week.

I am very conscious that I’m working closer to an injury zone than I have before as some days I can feel some joint and deep muscle soreness. I’m spending more time on my warm up and stretching to try to prevent an injury, but will just have to keep my fingers crossed.

Diet & Supplements

One thing that has remained the same has been my diet and supplementation. I don’t feel that a massive increase in calories will increase my strength at this point. Perhaps I will think different when I get more experience, but for now I am making good strength gains which is all I can ask.

I have got 2 more weeks until the competition. This will be my last week of hard training, then I will do some form of taper into the comp. I’m not expecting to set any records, but I would like to set some personal bests and give myself some targets to beat.

Richard G.

2x WNBF World Heavyweight & Overall Champion

Since writing this blog post for us, Richard has gone on to set some new Personal Bests (PB’s) and achieved 3rd place at the British Drug Free Powerlifting finals.

Richard managed a total of 615kg at his first competition.

Squat = 220kg, Bench = 165kg, Deadlift = 230kg

BDFPA British Finals

Determined to come back even better and without a doubt, stronger he took his total up by 130kg to a whopping 745kg!

Squat = 255kg (+35kg)

Bench = 185kg (+20kg)

Deadlift = 305kg (+75kg!)

Who knows what the future holds for Richard, but one thing is certain, it is bright for this gifted athlete. Follow Richard’s progress as he sets his sight on his next BIG goal by ‘Liking’ his facebook fan page WNBF Pro Richard Gozdecki.

I hope you feel inspired and motivated to go out there and achieve your goals no matter how big or small they may be. Until next week… Train hard!


The Importance of Rest

I have returned from my holiday to Barbados and what could be more relevant to talk about this week than rest. It was by far my most relaxing holiday both mentally and physically, now I am back,  fully motivated and ready to get back into my training and routine again!

Holetown beach, Barbados

Camera phone snap: Sandy Lane beach, Barbados

Why the need for rest?

When you rest, you grow. It’s quite simple really and a lot of the time ‘rest’ as a factor of growth is overlooked. When you rest, your body replenishes energy levels by restoring ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate) and glycogen stores, ready for the next time you perform an activity. At this stage your body also repairs damaged muscle tissue caused from training. These micro-tears; deep within muscles grow back bigger and stronger; as long as the correct nutrient, proteins are there to help with this regeneration process.

So, if you want to gain muscle, strength or improve your performance, you must factor your rest into the equation.

Training + Nutrition + REST = More Muscle/ More Strength/ Improved Performance

What is rest?

The word ‘rest’ has quite a broad meaning and is used a fair amount within the exercise and fitness industry. We rest during training, we rest during the day and we rest at night. The same word, ‘rest’ can be applicable to many times in your average day.

I’m not going to go too deeply into rest whilst training but again it must be accounted for in order to perform and make progress in your training.

Naturally your body rests during the day and at night when you sleep. Unless you have an active job you will be physically at rest, although mentally alert and active. At night your body shuts off major systems (aside from your cardio-respiratory system of course) to allow a full recovery of various hormones and tissues around the body. For enhanced muscle repair while you sleep, supplement with a time-released protein which is absorbed over several hours.

Even the 7x Mr Olympia understands the importance of sleep

Even the 7x Mr Olympia understands the importance of sleep

Have you ever wondered why you experience DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) after a long sleep? Well aside from the fact that it is a delay in muscle soreness, it is most occurring after an intense training session and a deep sleep (when you grow).

Time off training

Every so often, we all need to just shut off, mentally and physically. Training 365 days a year is just not practical nor is it safe. Even so, training 3-5 times weekly all year round is also impractical. Scheduling a 1-2 week rest period 2-3 times in a year are just what you need to keep motivated, remain injury free and constantly make progress.

This is when you can make the most of the holidays abroad and just get away from your day-to-day routines to allow for a mental as well as physical break. In your time off training, take time to enjoy life and live a little. See your family and friends, make time for socials with those you are close to and enjoy eating some of the foods you enjoy.

You may feel weak or ‘think’ you look rubbish after a week off training but trust me your body will be very grateful and hopefully your motivation should come back stronger than ever! A week off training allows your adrenal glands to calm, taking away that physical stress which occurs internally when you lift weights or train vigorously. Adrenalin is responsible for releasing the hormone cortisol which has the ability to eat away at muscle tissue and other tissues in your body.

Within a couple of weeks back into your training routine, you should start to see a rapid increase in your strength and any temporarily lost size will be back in no time. As I said before you’ll come back motivated and refreshed, ready to give everything 110% effort!

IMG_1883Having just had over 10 days off training and work I am experiencing all of the above, with the same feeling of DOMS I used to get when I first started training, I like to call it ‘bad but good pain’. Once I re-adjust to my diet and introduce supplements again I’ll be in full swing of my off-season, ready and motivated to set my eyes on my next big goal of 2013!

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Jamie’s Hardcore Challenge Workouts!

Grenade Athlete and now a WBFF Pro Muscle Model & European champion, Jamie Alderton is back on the GNC blog with a twist. Yes, he has a range of twisted and challenging workouts to help you bust through plateaus and mix up your training. Do you dare try Jamie’s hardcore challenge workouts?!

Guest Writer – Jamie Alderton

Jamie A logo

Everyone from time to time feels like they hit a Plateau with their training. Either they are not feeling the pump from their workouts or they have lost focus in the gym!

Have no fear! I am here to inject some life into your workouts! Get you refocused! And help you continue with your path to perfection!

Below I have listed a challenging exercise for each body part to try out! I warn you they are not easy and are not for the Feint hearted so here we go…

The Dirty Thirty Challenge (Shoulders)

The Dirty Thirty challenge is an evil and twisted exercise pushing your shoulder strength and cardiovascular fitness! You take a standard 20kg Barbell and add a 20kg plate to each side (60kg total or 20kg total for women) and do thirty clean and presses in as quick a time as you can!

My Record: 2 mins 13 secs

7 Set Shutdown (Biceps)

Grab two 5kg Dumbbells and stick a moderate weight on a cable pulley. Hit 12 repetitions on the cable pulley then grab the dumbbells and hold them out for 20 seconds. We are not really concerned about full range of motion in the cable curls we are going for the pump and the pain. Continue doing this for 7 sets without rest! Always best to do as the last exercise in your arm workout.

Death by Deadlifts (Back)

Pick a deadlift weight that is 1.5x your bodyweight (Females pick a lighter weight) the aim is to go from 10 reps to 1 in as little time as possible. It’s an absolute killer!

10 Minute Push up Challenge (Chest)

Exactly what it says on the tin! How many push ups can you do in 10 minutes??

My Record: 262

8 Minute Abs (Abs)

Completing 8 minutes of ab exercises without stopping!

30 seconds, of sit ups, 30 seconds of Leg raises, 30 seconds of the plank and 30 seconds of knee crunches rotated 4 times.

Tricep Challenge (Triceps)

Nice and easy yet challenging to do! How many tricep dips can you do without putting your feet down?

My Record: 41

Check out Jamie’s previous article, Big “Fat” Lies.

Jamie Alderton

Jamie Alderton is a Personal Trainer, Sponsored Fitness model and WBFF Pro Muscle Model, check out his Facebook page www.facebook.com/grenadejay and his Personal Training Studio FitWorks www.fitworspt.co.uk


WBFF Denmark – Competition Results

My 12 Week Body Transformation

I can now finally reveal my 12 week Body Transformation compilation video. I have streamed together all of my weekly progress videos to present to you, my 12 week body transformation:

This is a demonstration of what determination, drive and desire can achieve. Like I said before starting this journey, it is not often that you see week by week progress pictures and videos which is why I made it a priority to give you as much footage and information on my journey as possible.

To read all about my journey to the stage and 12 week body transformation, check out my previous blog posts: https://blog.gnc.co.uk/category/12-week-body-transformation/

You are more than capable of achieving your goals. If you plan to step on stage or simply want to transform you physique, why not enter the GNC Body Transformation challenge?!

WBFF Denmark – Competition Results

I’m back from Denmark and had such a great time competing with The WBFF. I’m sure you are all eager to hear the results (if you haven’t already heard). I managed to place 5th out of 28 competitors, just falling short of a top placing! Being a competitive person I was slightly disappointed with my placing however, it has only fueled me to come back even better and be sure to make myself a contender for that number 1 spot!

Pose down at the WBFF Denmark

Pose down at the WBFF Denmark

I was fortunate enough to be joined by my brother and Grandad who supported me from the crowd and made the trip entertaining and one to remember. Having the support was truly appreciated after working so hard for many weeks in preparation for the show.

In the pre-judging, after my initial T-walk onto the stage I was amongst the first call out of competitors which instantly put me in a good position to be placed amongst the top 10 finalists. Once again I was called out in the first round for the evening show, securing myself a top 5 finish. I had a great time rocking the stage in my tailored suit which added to the element of fashion, to what is a fitness and fashion show.

My brother managed to get some great footage which I’ll share once I’m back from my holiday to Barbados next week (which is a much-needed mental and physical break). I also did some short video logs before and after the pre-judging which I’ll share as well.

WBFF Denmark

Hitting a side pose at The WBFF Denmark championships

Whats next?

Setting goals is the best way of progressing and keeping you moving forward. I’ll be taking all the pointers and advice from the judges at the show and make sure I come back bigger and better!

My short-term goal is to really focus on developing my arms and chest. Over the next couple months I’ll be making my training very geared towards these weak points. I’ll also be keeping a close eye on my body fat too, to ensure I keep it relatively low whilst gaining lean muscle. I won’t be letting myself go beyond 190lbs as I plan to keep my body fat at no more than 10%.

I’ll try to make more of an effort to give you guys more videos and tips on how to achieve your goals, short and long-term as well as exercise tips, nutrition and supplement advice.

Team GNC branded tracksuit and T-shirt

Team GNC branded tracksuit and T-shirt

In terms of competitions, I may be stepping back on sooner than anticipated so there will be no days off when I am back from Barbados.

I am more fired up than ever before and ready for the challenges ahead. I’ll be coming back from my holiday more focused than ever before and ready to make some lean gains!

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Facebook: Lee Constantinou Fitness



WBFF Pro Fitness Model World Champion – Shaun Stafford

Having been on the case for several months to get some wise words from the current WBFF Pro Fitness Model World champion, I’ve been fortunate enough to catch up with Shaun Stafford to find out more…

Shaun has been very busy in establishing one of London’s premier gyms, City Athletic which is located in the City of London. He is a Reflex Nutrition sponsored athlete and has appeared on several magazine covers as well many Reflex campaigns. It’s fair to say he has taken the fitness industry by storm and by bringing home a world title, he has inspired many to take to the stage!

This is my first ever GNC interview, where I  plan to find out more about Shaun and share his experiences with you to hopefully inspire you in your fitness goals.

Shaun Stafford cover

Shaun conquering Physique Magazine cover: Mar – Apr 2013
Photography – Arsenik Photography

Q1. What made you get into fitness modelling? – GNC 

SS: When I stopped playing competitive sport, I needed a focus for my training and a friend suggested it. She was competing herself, and I made a bet… I ended up losing the bet, which meant I had to enter my first competition. Since then, it has gone pretty well, so I have just kept going…

Q2. What is current approach to training? – GNC

SS: I try to keep my programs varied and switch things up every 6 weeks or so: I do very little cardio, but usually hit a high volume training system. I usually keep the rep range above 5 for the majority of my training, but cycle between accumulation and intensification.

I also use a lot of drop sets, super-sets, giant sets etc. I find it is a really effective way to produce overload and keep my muscles working and progressing.

Q3. How does your current diet look? – GNC 

SS: When dieting for a show, my diet is very strict and controlled: I weigh out all of my meals and eat 6-7 times a day, totaling around 3-4k kcals. I usually go very low carb, and use carb cycling a lot when dropping body fat. In terms of macros, it is usually around 50% Protein, 15% Carbs and 35% Fat.

When in the off-season, I up my carbs quite a lot, and actively try to ‘fill out’ my muscles again; I find that prolonged periods of dieting leave me feeling flat, so having some time off makes me feel ready to go again when the time is right.

As for cheat meals, I use them very rarely when dieting for a show, but as often as I feel I want/ need during off-season!

Q4. What are your top 3 supplements? – GNC 

SS: I use either Growth Matrix or Instant Whey Deluxe as a Post-Workout Recovery drink and Muscle Bomb as a Pre-Workout (when I use one).

In terms of the supplements I take on a daily bases, I use a Multivitamin (Nexgen+), CLA and Krill Oil.

When I am dieting down, I usually add in L-Carnitine and ALA.

All supplements are by Reflex Nutrition.

Shaun Stafford 2

Photography – Simon Howard (SNHFoto)

Q5. What are your top 3 tips to someone wanting to get into fitness modelling/ competitions? – GNC 


1) Make yourself different:

There are so many people with great physiques out there and everybody wants to be a fitness model. Ask yourself what makes you different, and interesting. If you stand out, people will be interested! It might be your look, your background, a story, whatever it might be, find out, and use it to your advantage.

2) Hard work cannot be overlooked:

If you look at the guys at the top, you might see a hand full of people with great bodies. What you won’t see is the amount of work and graft it took them to get there! It isn’t necessarily the work in the gym or kitchen, but more the networking, writing, filming, blogging etc… If you really want it, you have to work for it! The harder you work, the higher your chances of success.

3) Provide good quality content for people to follow:

SS: If you put good workout and diet advice up, with interesting photos, you will build up a strong a loyal fan base… this is attractive to potential sponsors and will help you with opportunities.

Q6. What are your plans for the future? – GNC

SS: I have just opened a brand new performance gym, City Athletic, in The City of London. At the moment this is taking up nearly all of my time. It has been a long-term dream of mine, and I am very proud of what we have achieved so far with the business. This is my number one focus for now.

In terms of competing, there is The WBFF Pro World title to defend in August… no one has ever successfully defended it, so that would be a major achievement. The show is going to be the biggest ever, and is in Las Vegas!

After the show I will work hard and try to bring The WBFF over to Europe a bit more, and get a UK show going. This is a long-term goal, so watch this space.

Thanks Shaun, we appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule for our interview, best of luck with your future goals. – GNC

SS: Thank you very much for stopping by and talking with me.

Shaun Stafford

Shaun winning the WBFF Pro Fitness Model World title in 2012
Photography – Toby Harrison

Shaun Stafford

WBFF Pro Fitness Model World Champion 2012

Keep up to date with Shaun on Facebook and Twitter:

Facebook page: Shaun Stafford Fitness

Twitter @shaunstafford


London Premier Gym – City Athletic


City Athletic have teamed up with GNC to offer readers of our blog a Reflex/ City Athletic goody bag worth over £100 (including a complementary day pass to City Athletic)! Simply email your answer: A,B or C with your full name to advice@gnc.co.uk to win. Closing date is 25th April 2013. The winner will be randomly selected and announced on the GNC Facebook Fan page and via email on Friday 3rd May 2013.

Q. Which of the following does Shaun have as part of his Post-workout nutrition?

A. Reflex Diet Whey
B. Reflex Growth Matrix
C. Reflex Performance Matrix


Wait…there’s more! How would you fancy winning a pair of VIP athlete passes to City Athletic and train with Shaun Stafford himself?! Simply ‘Like’ the City Athletic Facebook Fan page to be in a chance to win. Shaun will announce the winner on Friday 3rd May 2013!

Good Luck!

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Week 12 – My 12 Week Body Transformation

Week 12 is finally here! I’ve made it… I have completed my 12 week body transformation and the results I have achieved are amazing! BUT, it’s not over yet. In 4 days time I will be stepping on stage at the WBFF European Championships in Denmark where I will compete in the Fitness Model category. Here is my final video log before the show, sharing my appreciation to you all…

Look out for my 12 week transformation video next week when I will reveal my end result and progress I have made, taking me from 210lbs to 180lbs! Yep, that’s a 30lbs drop in body fat.

If you fancy a trip to Denmark you can come and see me step on stage and support my journey: Buy ticket for WBFF Denmark championships.

Peak Week

This is the final stage of my contest prep where I will be bringing together everything I have worked so hard for. I have a cool pair of swimwear shorts for pre-judging and my two-piece suit ready to rock, looking sharp and tailored for the evening show.

With all my gear ready, it’s time to peak my physique! This week I will be taking my training intensity down, allowing my body to fully recover, ready for show day. I will also be manipulating my carbohydrates and water consumption to get me looking my very best, lean and muscular!

Photoshoot 4/6

Another week and yet another photoshoot where I worked with photographer, Simon Howard (SNHFoto). Simon is very experienced with capturing fitness photography at its very best and worked with many leading UK fitness models. We got a great range of images. We shot for around 3 hours capturing over 300 shots. I’ll share some of the work we captured over the coming weeks. Here’s a couple sneak peek, screen shots…

week 12

Sneak peek of my back conditioning 7 days out &
representing #TeamGNC in some workout gear coming soon…

Just around the corner from my show this weekend, I will be taking part in a big photoshoot for gnc.co.uk which you will be seeing more of in the near future; around your local store and on http://www.gnc.co.uk.


Weight: 12st 12lbs / 81.3kg / 179.2lbs (-2.6lbs)

Waist: 30 inches

Chest: 43.5 inches (+0.5 inches)

Shoulders: 48 inches (+0.5 inches)

Arm: 15.5 inches (-0.25 inches)

Quadricep: 24.25 inches

Calf: 14.5 inches

Thank You…

Once again, thanks to each and every one of you for supporting my journey to the stage. It has been a great journey and now it’s time to go out there and have fun! I can’t wait to step on stage and just have a good time; after all that’s what life is all about, right?

I will update you with the results of my show via my Twitter and Facebook page and fill you in next week with a blog post of my experiences out in Denmark.

On a final note, I am extremely excited to have the support of my older brother, Chris and my Grandad who will both be coming out to Denmark to support me. See you next week!

Website: www.leeconstantinou.com

Twitter: @LeeConstantinou

Facebook: Lee Constantinou Fitness



Week 11 – My 12 Week Body Transformation

1 week to go! I know, I know, I’m getting a bit slack with my weekly updates, so apologies for the inconsistent posting, it has nothing to do with my motivation but more to do with my time as it has almost halved in the last couple of weeks! Hence why I haven’t uploaded a video log in a while either.

ANYWAYS… I am still here, still pushing hard and still getting leaner for the big day on Saturday 6th April. My physique is really starting to come together and I am 100% bang on track for peaking come show day in Denmark. If you happen to be in Denmark next Saturday or fancy flying over to watch me compete with the WBFF, you can get tickets here.

Weekly Highs

Photoshoot 2/5

I had another fitness photo shoot over the weekend and I am loving the pictures so far! Having worked with Gaz (PBG Fitness Photography) in 2010 and 2011, I can really see how my body has matured and developed over the years (sneak peek from the shoot below). We shot a range of pictures and an incredibly fast pace. Having worked with Gaz before we were able to get exactly what we wanted in less than 2 hours with over 5 outfit changes.

With 2 of 5 photoshoots complete, I am excited to continue working the camera. This weekend I’ll be shooting with SNHFoto in London down at Zone gym capturing some action shots of me exercising. More blog posts about photoshoots in the near future…

Heavy Lifting Complete

With my final week of ‘heavy lifting’ complete I can say I have truly nailed my diet for this show. Having maintained and even gained strength in some areas, demonstrates the success of my diet. When cutting calories and getting ready for a show it is common to see a significant drop in your strength due to their being less available energy. This was a common issue in past contest preps and and left me looking flat at times and somewhat ‘stringy’ come show day.

I managed to progress over the past 3 weeks in a completely new exercise, the sumo deadlift, progressing up to 160kg for 5 reps. This has really helped target my glutes and hamstrings as well as my lower back. My back training has seen some good progress too, managing to barbell row 120kg and dumbbell row 55kg with slightly loose form on my final working sets, nonetheless, feeling every rep, deep within my lats.

I’ve also been able to keep my pressing strength which is a major achievement for me! This is usually the first thing to go when I start dieting but I was determined to keep my pressing strength as much as possible. I progressed up to 42.5kg on incline dumbbell presses and machine pressed 100kg for several reps on my chest workouts. I also managed to squeeze out some good reps on 32.5kg of the overhead dumbbell press which is good relative to my shoulder strength and considering the fact that per-contest in 2011 I was struggling on 22.5kg dumbbells.

Final comments on strength

I can’t stress how important it is to maintain your strength when your dieting. Not only does it hold onto your hard earned muscle but it is so motivating to know you are consuming almost 1000kcals less than usual, performing cardio and still managing to lift heavy! It goes to show strength can very much be a mental game as the right mindset can see you achieving anything you want.


Weight: 13st / 82.5kg / 181.8lbs (-4lbs)

This is waaaay too much of a drop for my liking in one week. Aside from my drop in calories I must have been slightly depleted in the morning of my weigh in. The simply solution this week… eat more carbs!

Waist: 30 inches (-0.5 inches)

Chest: 43 inches (-0.5 inches)

Shoulders: 47.5 inches

Arm: 15.75 inches

Photo shoot – Sneak Peeks

week 11

Couple shots from my photo shoot with PBG Fitness Photography
Caption: ‘Check…the abs are ready for Denmark!’

The rest will be revealed in Denmark in just over a week.😉 Look out for my final video log next week of the series. It’s going to be emotional…

Read my final week update.

Website: www.leeconstantinou.com

Twitter: @LeeConstantinou

Facebook: Lee Constantinou Fitness



Week 10 – My 12 Week Body Transformation

Can you believe it! I’ve been dieting away for 10 weeks now! Almost 3 months has passed since I began this journey on January 1st 2013. This week it has really hit me hard and the effects of low levels of body fat combined with a low calorie intake is becoming a battle to maintain a balance; with my day-to-day energy levels being sacrificed.

Staying on Top

I’m finding myself relying on copious amounts of water as well as the occasional green tea and coffee to keep me satisfied between meals. On the plus side I am still training with high levels of energy and intensity. I put this down to my motivation to constantly see progress in the weights room which will ultimately support me in reaching my goals of lower levels of body fat and that ripped physique which I am seeking on stage in just under 3 weeks time. And just so you know I am not at all far off from where I plan to be when I step on stage in Denmark!

Photoshoot Ready – Say Cheese

I had a great weekend and many more to come with photoshoots left, right and centre! I was shooting in a variety of swimwear, which I’m hoping will get published in and possibly on a cover of a magazine. I’ll share the pictures with you soon hopefully. This week I’ll be working with a very skilled photographer capturing some fitness shots. It’s been 2 years since we worked together so I’m excited to get some more quality pictures in workout mode (in a studio) with 18 months more training under my belt.


Weight: 13.4st / 84.2kg / 185.8lbs (+0.8lbs)

So it appears that I have gained 0.8lbs over the course of a week. This is the first time I have seen an increase so I’ll be making some adjustments this week. I put the weight gain down to a number of things and it could simply be an inaccurate reading. Remember my goal isn’t to simply shift the number on the scales, it is to improve my body composition (muscle to fat ratio). Last week I kept my calories the same and even cut back on a cardio session just to see where I was at in terms of my calorie deficit.

I will keep myself progressing by trimming back on some more calories and adding that cardio session back into the plan. I’m currently sitting on around 2,300 calories and still managing to walk around with a smile on my face despite the low calories.

Waist: 30.5 inches

Chest: 43.5 inches

Shoulders: 47.5 inches

Arm: 15.75 inches

Weekly Pictures

Evening meal/ dessert, HFM Feature, Back progress, Blog stats...

Evening meal/ dessert, HFM Feature, Back progress, Blog stats…

  • Pop into your local GNC store to pick up the latest copy of Healthy For Men magazine and have a read about the 4 challengers who took on the GNC Body Transformation challenge and achieved their goals in 12 weeks!
  • Will we hit a total of 100,000 blog views this week? I’m thinking to launch a competition to celebrate this great result (if we do)!
  • Sneaky progress shot of my back yesterday after some cardio at our very own GNC HQ gym… more lines coming through.
  • And, a snapshot of what I enjoy on my non-training days in the evening.

Thanks for checking in and keeping up with my progress, not long now…

Read my week 11 update here.

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Becoming a 2x World Natural Bodybuilding Champion!

USN athletes are all over the GNC blog! This week we have our 5th USN ambassador gracing the GNC blog, 2x World Natural Bodybuilding Champion, Richard Gozdecki. Rich is not only a natural bodybuilding champion but an all-round top athlete having been competitive at swimming from a young age and more recently indoor Rowing and Powerlifting; qualifying for the British drug free Powerlifting finals later this year.

In addition, he is one of the most humble, down-to-earth, friendliest Bodybuilders and always makes time for his fans and aspiring bodybuilders. He has visited many GNC stores all over the UK and is now here to give you an insight into his training and lifestyle.

Guest Writer – Richard Gozdecki

During my competitive season in 2012 GNC asked if I wouldn’t mind writing a short article about myself, training, diet and bodybuilding. At the time, I was over trained, under nourished, worried about competing and didn’t have a spare minute in the day. Now I’m 3 stones heavier, enjoying my training and have all the time in the world. So without an excuse, this is who I am.

Richard Gozdecki 2

Richard in 2011 after winning his first WNBF World Heavyweight and Overall title


For those of you who are not familiar with me, I’m a professional Natural bodybuilder from the UK. I’ve been competing for only 5 years now, during which time I’ve been fortunate enough to win some major titles worldwide. Most recently in 2012 I retained my WNBF World Heavyweight title in Atlantic City and also added the European title to my name earlier in the same year. I guess this means I have should have all the answers to what make a better physique, but in reality I’m still learning myself. Its only through time and experience you learn the most valuable lessons, but I’ll try to outline some important tips from my own experience as we go.


Training is my life. I love it. I day dream about training all day, and then I love my time in the gym once I’m there. Once I’ve left the gym, I’m already planning the session for the next day. I think it is due to this passion for training which has led to my success in sport. If you can find something which you enjoy in your session, then it is never a chore, never a burden and always a positive highlight to any mundane working week. Having said that, training can’t be number 1 priority.

Life, family, work and friends, all come before training in my book. Therefore, it is up to me to get my time management right, in order to get my training done, all meals prepared and eaten on time, and still have time to see my loved ones. Sometimes this means a bit of rushing around and a lot of forward planning, but not missing training or meals is vital when wanting to improve your physique.

During the off-season, I do like to socialise as much as possible. True to English tradition, socialising means going out on a Saturday night and having a good old drink. In recent years I have very much calmed down, due to the fact I’m getting old, but in my early 20’s I still managed to build a decent  physique ‘socialising’ quite a lot. It’s all about getting that balance right and once you’ve cracked that, you’ll improve your physique and have an army of friends backing you to the top when competition time comes!!!


Like I’ve said before, I love my training. Finding what you love about hitting the gym day in day out will always be the best way to make good gains. I have always liked volume training. Drop sets, super sets, giant sets and pre exhaust are some of my favourites. A lot of people say that higher weight and low reps works better to stimulate growth, but I stuck to the training I enjoyed and forced out some great results. If you want to go heavy and low reps, do it. If you want to use more explosive power movements, do it. Whatever it is that you’re doing, just be consistent, be honest with yourself about form, reps and weight lifted and soon you’ll have the physique you have always wanted and done it in your own way!

Richard with USN

Richard with USN Team mate Max on the March/April issue of The Beef


Whether you’re bulking, slimming down or just maintaining the weight you are, diet is the key factor to your success. Once again, I truly believe this is something that can only be worked out on your own. You have to enjoy what you are eating all year round, otherwise it simply will not be something you can stick to. This doesn’t mean pie and chips 6 times per day. I’m not a massive fan of fish. During my contest prep, I avoid fish all together and opt for more eggs, chicken and steak.

Due to this I tailor my calorie intake to suit. I love all of my meals when I’m dieting: egg on toast, chicken, veg and potatoes, oats and protein, are some of my favorites, which make it easy for me to stick to. I don’t work out the exact macronutrients, I pretty much ‘wing it’ as far as quantities go. I am however, very consistent, never miss meals and never get too hungry. When I’m bulking, I get all my meals in, on time, without fail, and then anything else which isn’t nailed down is mine too!


Bodybuilding for me is about habit. Sleep is a massive part of your bodybuilding day. If you’re not getting enough sleep, or a decent quality of sleep then your growth will suffer. I’m a morning person. I love waking up in the morning, I feel very positive and excited about the events lay ahead of me that day. I am fortunate enough to be in a job I enjoy. I work shifts, so 5am starts are a regular occurrence.

During competition prep, I walk for an hour before work, so this becomes 4am starts. I base my sleep around 7 hours per night and tailor my bed time to suit. Thanks to sky plus, I can record any programmes after Newsround!:-) It’s also worth trying different supplements which can aid you to fuel your sleep. I switch between, D-Aspartic acid, USN ZMA and USN 19 AnabolTesto. These can all aid in your hormone production and also improve the quality of your sleep.


If your diet is no good and you are relying on supplements to make up your calorie intake, you will probably not be getting the results you want. Supplements are exactly that, an aid to supplement your diet, not replace it. When your diet is right, Supplements can be used to dramatically change a physique.

For me, there are 2 types of supplement. The ones you can see and feel working, and the ones which work behind the scenes doing the mundane jobs to help you grow.

Pre-workout drinks, creatine, caffeine, energy drinks and some recovery drinks can all be felt in some way. Some give you a pump, make your muscles harder, make you stronger, increase endurance and give you a mental stimulation which can boost your workout. These are great, as you know they are working so you feel like it is value for money.

There are also the supplements you can’t feel, BCAA’s, Protein drinks, Glutamine, HMB, ZMA, Tribulus, Multi vit’s, Vit C, Omega 3’s, Joint care and many, many more. These all work in the same way as the others but just behind the scenes. The trick is to find a balance of what works for you, what you can afford and what you can be CONSISTENT with, month in, month out.

My top 5 USN Supplements:

Pure Protein, IGF1 – Great all-rounder, used any time of day, low in calories, high in protein, BCAA’s and glutamine and tastes great.

Creatine Anabolic – My favourite USN supplement. Strength and endurance goes through the roof using this. Best used to get through plateaus in your training.

BCAA’s – Used pre and post workout, or during meal times. Increases protein synthesis and helps promote a quicker recovery.

Hardcore Whey GH – Read the label, it’s got everything in! I use this during my contest prep as its low-calorie and carbs, but increases strength.

19 Anabol Testo – Increases hormone production and boosts performance in the bedroom!😉

 Achievable Goals

Setting targets is one of the best ways to monitor progress, stay motivated and give you an indication if you are improving. Saying “I want to be a World champion is a great target!”, but that is not the only goal. Being better than you were the day before, week before or even month before is the best way to see if you are on track. Set your goals so that they are achievable and smash them!

If you want a bigger bench press, pick a number 5kg above your max and give yourself 4 weeks to hit it. If you want to lose weight, aim for 4 or 5lbs in 4 weeks and smash it. Small improvements and by regularly succeeding will be the best way you will get a better physique and be happy with the results.

Rich hitting a most muscular Photography by Fivos Photography

Rich hitting a most muscular
Photography by Fivos Photography

My thoughts on being a World Champion…

I was absolutely over the moon in 2011 winning the first World Title. It was an amazing feeling and I was immensely proud. During the year that followed, something clicked in me that I had to go back to defend it. I really wasn’t satisfied and I had convinced myself it was a fluke or a bad decision. I questioned myself, if I had really deserved to win. I knew the only way to find out was to go back to prove it to myself. This could mean losing, which had crossed my mind and fueled my training that year. Having returned, and successfully defending the H/W title I can honestly say I’m satisfied. The pressure is off now for me to enjoy my training and make some small gains until I decide to compete again.

 What are my goals for the future?

I don’t just feel like a bodybuilder. I think I can achieve so much more in sport if I diversify and try new things. Being satisfied with bodybuilding for now, means I have an opportunity to put my time into something else. With the backing of my sponsors USN, we have decided to have a go at powerlifting. I’m not expecting to be a World Champion any time soon, but I would like to see how strong I can get in the following months.

Further than this, I would just like to stay fit, healthy and be able to continue training for as long as possible, meeting new people, learning, developing and enjoying sport. When training is good, life is good.

Richard Gozdecki

2x WNBF World Heavyweight & Overall Champion


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